Yale Locks In Crewe

yale locksmith CreweMost front door locks and internal door locks are cylinder locks, commonly known as ‘Yale’ locks, after one of the leading brands. If your front door locks automatically when you shut it and you need a key to open the door from the outside, but it opens without a key from the inside, then you have a cylinder rim lock (Yale lock). 

Why Choose Us?

I will replace cylinders with lock cylinders of at least like-for-like quality, preferring to upgrade to a more secure high quality lock where necessary. In instances where keys have been lost or stolen, I would only change the cylinder of the lock. Cylinder rim locks are fitted to the surface of the door and are mounted on the surface of the inside of the door with a connecting cylinder, which is fitted into the door with the keyhole on the outside.

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Need Extra Protection?

Restricted cylinders provide physical protection against unauthorized key duplication, thus ensuring extra security to your property. Restricted keys guarantee keys can only be cut with the authorization of the owner usually within a security card system. I would recommend the fitting of mortice locks to supplement cylinder rim locks, particularly on front doors.

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