Moving Home & Need To Change The Locks?

House key Locksmith in CreweAre you absolutely certain of how many people have keys to your new home?  All too often, when people move into a new home, they do not change their locks. This can seriously compromise the security of your home, as there is no way of knowing just how many people have a copy of your key.

Do You Need Multiple Keys?

Many homeowners have keys cut and give to friends (to feed their pet while away) their relatives, but they are never returned. If the property has been rented then this increases the amount of keys that may be in circulation. You are usually given two sets by the estate agent but the probability is that many more are in the hands of strangers. Ask yourself, would you give your home key to a stranger? if the answer is no, then you need to change the locks to your new home today. Please call me,  I will be only to happy too help.

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Make your new house feel like home and give yourself some peace of mind. Call Lockmasters Mobile today and let me help replace or upgrade the locks on your external doors and windows. I ensure that I always carry a wide variety of locks, to suit your individual tastes and requirements. Lockmasters Mobile are local. This means I can be with you quickly and keep my prices extremely competitive. 

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