Digital & Combination Locks

Do you need a lock fitting on a door that a number of people will be able to open?digital lock fitter crewe

Sometimes simple lock-and-key security isn't enough. By using a digital lock, you can remove the need to use keys altogether - saving you any costs from having to get new keys cut. Lockmasters Mobile are trained in the fitting of combination code locks on a wide variety of premises - both residential and commercial. Little can go wrong with digital locks and generally they last for many years.

So, who might require a digital lock for their house or office?

  • Large offices - No need to carry around a large amount of keys and no need to get new keys cut for new employees.
  • Landlords - Easy to change digital locks can mean that if you get new tenants, you can easily alter the code so that their belongings are secure
  • Elderly & Disabled - Combination door locks can make it easier for the elderly & disabled to open the door quickly and without the need to struggle with keys.
  • People away from home - Digital locks let you give access to any worker or repairman while you are away, to then change it again if you require.

Combination code locks are more convenient than your "normal" lock - as there is no actual lock, potential burglars will not be able to break in by picking the lock. Also, your keys can't fall into the wrong hands.

With your home insurance, you are required to have a British Standard Five Lever locking system on your main entrance door. Code locks are only access control, but can be use in conjunction with your standard security locks, making your home or office more secure.

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