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FUHR Hardware for doors, multipoint locking systems for house, apartment exit and side entrance doors.
Multipoint locking systems for house, apartment and side entrance doors. for house and object doors motorised multitronic 881. for house and object doors automatic/motorised autotronic 834. motorised opening autotronic 834. motorised opening with latching hook bolts autotronic 836. with key operation with deadlocking latches autotsafe 833.
MySQL: MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual: 8.11.1 Internal Locking Methods.
8.11.1 Internal Locking Methods. This section discusses internal locking; that is, locking performed within the MySQL server itself to manage contention for table contents by multiple sessions. This type of locking is internal because it is performed entirely by the server and involves no other programs.
Self-locking panic locks. GEZE. GEZE.
Access control and safety Self-locking panic locks. Self-locking panic locks offer you the quick opening of doors in an emergency, controlled access and burglar resistance. A great variety of requirements can be realised for ensuring building safety. A GEZE panic lock is the solution for complex door systems with multiple expectations.
Lock resources to prevent changes Azure Resource Manager Microsoft Docs.
When using an Azure Resource Manager template ARM template to deploy a lock, you need to be aware of the scope of the lock and the scope of the deployment. To apply a lock at the deployment scope, such as locking a resource group or subscription, don't' set the scope property.
Locknuts and Locking Rings ERIKS shop NL.
SKF Lock nut with locking screw metric screw thread series KMFE. SKF Lock nut with metric screw thread locking ring fastener series KM, KML. SKF Lock nut with trapezoidal thread locking plate fastener series HM, HME. SKF Locking plate PL48.
CWE CWE-667: Improper Locking 4.3.
Locking is a type of synchronization behavior that ensures that multiple independently-operating processes or threads do not interfere with each other when accessing the same resource. All processes/threads are expected to follow the same steps for locking. If these steps are not followed precisely or if no locking is done at all then another process/thread could modify the shared resource in a way that is not visible or predictable to the original process.
Locking dans Wikipedia.
Locking ook bekend als Campbellocking is een moderne dansvorm die vaak gebruikt wordt als streetdance in combinatie met hiphopmuziek en soms funk. De danser wordt een Locker genoemd. Bij locking wordt gedanst met snelle overdreven bewegingen, waarbij vooral de armen en de handen worden gebruikt en waarbij de heupen en benen minder dominant zijn.
Össur. Life Without Limitations.
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